Tailored Benefit Plans
for Your Employees

Finding the right solutions for employee benefit plans can be a real challenge. At Clariben Group, we work with you and your company to deliver innovative solutions that can improve your employee retention and engagement with these plans.

We are committed to clear communications and education for your employee benefit plans!

At Clariben Group, our goal is to educate your staff members on the benefits of their plans. This can help you retain your valued employees while managing the costs of your employee benefit plans.

We work with your company to make open enrollment in your benefit plans an easier process for you and your employees. At every stage of the process, we work to create the most innovative and responsive solutions for you and for your staff members in administering and developing your benefit plans.

58% of employees are looking for benefits that are customized to their personal needs.

Clariben Group knows that your business is constantly changing and adapting in response to changes in the economy and the employment marketplace. We can help you stay ahead of the curve by creating customized benefit options that are tailored to the needs of your employees. This can help you achieve your goals of increasing employee retention and job satisfaction, which can contribute to productivity throughout your organization. Clariben Group can help your company by building loyalty and making it possible for your staff members to manage their finances more effectively, We create customized solutions for the modern and evolving workplace.

What we do

Benefits administration outsourcing

Outsourcing your corporate benefits administration processes to Clariben Group allows your employees to access all their benefits through one convenient platform.

Employee engagement solutions

We can provide you with easy-to-use options for encouraging your employees to take advantage of their benefits.

Benefit billing & reconciliation

Our team can handle all elements of your billing and reconciliation for your employee benefit plans.

Benefits communications

Clariben Group can streamline communications with your staff members about benefits and changes to your plan. We deliver clear information for you and your employees.

Voluntary benefits consulting

Our team can provide the most accurate and actionable information for your employees on the voluntary benefits your company offers.


The support staff at Clariben Group are committed to providing the best and most practical support for your employees in enrolling in and using the benefits provided by your company.

The Evolution of the Workplace

Technological advances have transformed the workplace and have blurred the line between work activities and everyday life. Employees are more likely than ever before to move on to new opportunities and new jobs. The right benefits plan can be a major draw in attracting quality employees and in retaining your current staff. At Clariben Group, we go the extra mile to provide your employees with the benefits they want and a solid reason to remain with your company for the long haul. This can help you put your employees first to improve morale and loyalty throughout your business organization.

Loyalty and job satisfaction are the keys to employee retention.

We can help your employees achieve the right work-life balance to keep them happy in their jobs.

Better Communication
Is Essential

To educate your staff members about their available employee benefits, clear lines of communication are essential. At Clariben Group, we offer added value to your benefit plans by delivering the customized options your employees want and need. By simplifying the process for your company and your employees, we make it easy to enroll and to make changes as your business requirements dictate.